The Midlands

The Midlands Campaign Setting

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Overview of the Midlands

Map of the Continent

The Midlands are a low-fantasy campaign setting, set in the wider world of Oderen. It focuses mostly on the chaos and strife of the eponymous Midlands, a region torn apart by war and instability. Within the world, magic is limited to a few select educated users, leaving the rest to struggle in a dark and subdued world. Monsters roam freely, plaguing and harassing isolated farms and villages, and occasionally gathering enough strength to rampage across the countryside. Peasants are left to fend for themselves as their nobles fight and scrabble for ever more power in the volatile region. Humans are the dominant race in the Midlands and across the rest of the continent, though other races each make their own presence known as well. The region draws adventurers from around the world, offering freedom and a chance at greatness.